Australasian Dog Grooming Academy… “Where Education Leads to Success!”

Ever thought about a career in the dog grooming Industry?

Do you Love Dogs and want to work with them?

Would you like to pursue a career as a professional dog groomer?

Are you passionate, creative innovative and hardworking?

Australasian Dog Grooming Academy prides itself on offering professional training that is innovative, current and tailored to suit your needs.

The Australasian Dog Grooming Academy has a range of courses available to start you on your journey.  Our courses are run by professionals who have over 25 years of experience in the industry and are passionate and committed to you and your learnings.

Our courses have been developed in-house and comprehensively explore all aspects of grooming and are relevant, consist of practical and theory components to balance your level of learning.

Our Trainers guarantee our courses contain the fundamental skills and values you need to work successfully in the industry.

Our Trainers have many years experience in both the dog grooming industry and the dog showing world. They are qualified in the art of teaching and run successful grooming salons. Their practical expertise and method of teaching guarantees you a pleasant experience and that you leave our courses well equipped with the skills required to enter this fast growing and innovative industry.

Our training facilities are fitted out professionally with quality ergonomic equipment, focusing on your health and well- being which is key as you embark on your new career. You will train alongside professional groomers in a fast-paced salon, that is operational giving you a real introduction into the industry and providing you with an excellent grooming experience.

At the Australasian Dog Grooming Academy we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency giving a real look into the industry and preparing you with the training, tools and expertise you will need to work successfully, whilst providing quality services to clients and their pets.

The Australasian Dog Grooming Academy caters for all levels of grooming expertise, be it your new to the dog grooming industry and exploring the options of commencing a professional career within the dog grooming industry, or have your own salon and want to increase your knowledge both around grooming and running a business, or are a salon owner wanting your staff trained to support you and your business in offering a professional service.

Your training does not stop when you walk out the door. The Australasian Dog Grooming Academy is committed to your success and offers an ongoing mentor program to all our students.

Why? because your success matters.

Dog Grooming Courses

8 Day Brush & Bath Course

This course is an introduction into the dog grooming industry, giving you the skills to work in any innovate fast paced salon as a grooming assistant.


4 Week Intensive Course

This course offers a practical, hands on approach coupled with our current theory component. This course has been developed to start you on your way to becoming the professional dog groomer you aspire to be.


12 Week Advanced Course

This course is an extension of the 4 week intensive course, it ensures you are well equipped with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to plunge into the world of dog grooming.  Our job placement component will give you an inside look into the grooming industry and opportunity to explore how other successful salons run.


A Taste of What You’ll Learn

Australasian Dog Grooming Academy

"Where education leads to success!"

Our courses have been developed in house and comprehensively explore all aspects of grooming they consist of both practical and theory components to balance your level of learning and ensure that it is relevant.

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