4 Week Intensive Course

4 Week Intensive Course


20 days hands on with online theory (approximately 20 hours)

This course offers a practical, hands-on approach coupled with our current theory component and has been developed to start you on your way to becoming the professional dog groomer you aspire to be.

The course is 20 days practical with online theory, it has been developed to accommodate and educate individuals wanting to become a professional groomer within the industry.

This course is highly recommended for individuals wanting to work within the industry. At successful completion of this course, you will be able to work within the industry as a groomer alongside a qualified groomer or stylist. You will be educated and understand dog grooming techniques and be able to confidently complete basic pet grooms.

Upcoming Course Dates
• Monday 4th of March – Friday 5th of April
• Monday 29th of April – Friday 24th of May
• Monday 11th of June – Friday 5th of July

Course Enquiry

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Topics covered:

  • Dog handling techniques
  • Understanding various coat types
  • A knowledge of grooming tools/equipment
  • A knowledge of pet shampoos and conditioners
  • Bath and drying techniques
  • Preparing a dog for grooming
  • Scissoring techniques
  • Perform dog grooms on different coat types
  • Infection control
  • WHS policies and procedures
  • Customer service

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Our courses have been developed in house and comprehensively explore all aspects of grooming they consist of both practical and theory components to balance your level of learning and ensure that it is relevant.

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