Coat care for your Oodle

groodle brushed out

Over the last 10 years we have seen a huge increase in ‘Oodles’ – from cavoodles to groodles and every other mix you could think of. These pooches are becoming more and more popular due to their ‘non-shedding’ coat and of course that fluffy, cuddly look.

As groomers, we want the best for your dog, we love it when we can keep them looking long and fluffy but sadly without the right maintenance and care, matting/knots can be painful and alot of work to get them out, groomers are then left with not much choice but to take the oodle to a shorter length.

Below are some tips to keep on top of maintenance to do in between your oodles grooming session.

What you need:


brush steps

  1. Detangler spray: spray on coat – wet or dry.
  2. Slicker brush: brush all over especially red area in diagram below, make sure you use enough force to get to the skin but not graze them.
  3. Comb: check over your brushing with a comb, this will find any knots you missed



brush diagram

  • Brush your dog every other day, even if it’s while on the couch watching some TV. Make it a bonding, quite time.
  • Don’t just brush the dogs back. Legs and under arms, spots where collars harness’ and jumpers rub.
  • Start on day 1 after getting your dog groomed, this will help you to stay on top of knots and your pooch wont mind being brushed as much if they don’t have knots being tugged.






You cannot clip a coat and keep it longer and fluffy – FALSE

We can groom your dog at a longer length, IF they aren’t matted and if they are being maintained in between grooming sessions

Oodles do not shed – FALSE

Oodles still shed an undercoat but the curly poodle coat catches it. Which is one of the big causes of these dogs matting.

My oodle is low maintenance – FALSE

Oodle coats are low SHEDDING but not low maintenance. In fact, they require more work than most breeds. Different coat types and lifestyle can change the amount of maintenance you will need to do on your dog. An example being if your dog is an active, beach babe as opposed to a dog that hangs out at home and isn’t very active.

We offer private grooming sessions to help you with brushing out if you would like some 1 on 1 help. We are also taking expressions of interest for group settings. Please contact us if either of these would be of interest.

moodle groomed


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