Top 5 Things To Do With Your Dog While Self-Isolating

Top 5 things to do with your dog when you are self-isolating

If you’re at home looking at your dog and not sure how to keep them entertained, check out our top ways to keep you and your 4 legged best friend busy.

  1. Teach your dog some new tricks and commands

This is great for your dogs mental stimulation and bonding with them.

Whether you’re teaching your new dog (or old dog) basic commands – sit, stay, drop etc. or something a bit more advanced like *BANG* (play dead), weaving and put their toys away!

Some great trainers that we love to follow are:                 Laura Vissaritis

Zak George

Kaelin Munkelwitz

  1. Play Hide and Seek

With a favourite toy, a treat or yourself. Hide behind door, the couch or in another room. Its also a great way to teach your dog to stay and wait before you call out for them to come and find you.

Keep a toy or treat game simple and help them out until they get the game and will be able to hide it in harder to find spots.



  1. Make a snuffle mat

Easy to make, great way to slow down fast eaters and keeps your dogs mind busy – resulting in a tired pup! Here is a link of what you’ll need and how to make it below:


  1. Make an agility course

Use chairs, broom handles, a sturdy box and a tunnel, set the yard up for them to run the course. Patience, treats and lots of praise will help your dog get the hang of it. Great exercise for you as well as you run along next to them!

  1. Fill treat balls

If you’re working from home or need some time away from your pet, this one is great to keep your dog distracted with a tasty treat ball.

You can buy Kongs from Pet stores online or the one in the picture above, from Kmart for about $3, I have bought a few and just pop them in the freezer and pull it out as needed. If your dog is on a diet or reduced treats, include it into their daily intake or put their breakfast in it so they can then work for their food.



Some great fillings include, chicken necks, dog friendly peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, blueberries and beef liver. Get creative, your dog will love it!




Remember that as much as it’s great fun to be spending all this time with your dog, it can disrupt their regular routine. Give your dog some time outside away from you so they don’t become to reliant on having you around, this will reduce the anxiety of your dog when you head back to work and allow them to still have the same routine as usual!

Canine Enrichment is the best way to tire your dog out mentally which makes them physically tired. This Facebook group is great if you’d like more ideas

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