Fleas – What you need to know

The thought of fleas can be dreaded, but

How does a dog catch fleas?

Although dogs do catch fleas from other dogs it’s not the most common cause. Fleas are more commonly caught by environments such as parks, backyards and streets, dog bedding and clothing. They also can be bought into the house or property by rats, possums and other wild animals.

What season is flea season?

Autumn is when they are most active and your pet has higher chances of catching fleas. Fleas are active all seasons of the year. They do not hibernate through the winter.

How do I know if my dog has fleas?

Some dogs show it more than others by scratching. If you look around the rump and back of the neck, there may be black dirt. This could be flea dirt, a way to test that is getting a white cloth or cotton bud and dabbing it on the dirt, if it comes up reddish brown then it will be flea dirt.

What is the best way to treat fleas?

Fleas must be treated and wont go away on their own. The environment (carpet, furniture bed) will need to vacuumed and all the bedding washed.

As a preventative we recommend the Augustine Approved range; https://www.augustineapproved.com.au/

Augustine Approved is natural alternative to the usual monthly medications.

If you have an infestation, we recommend consulting your vet.

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